Case Studies

See how we’ve helped facilities achieve permit compliance and optimize their nutrient removal process.

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Methanol to MicroC: Washington WWTP Reduces Cost & Risk with Non-hazardous EOSi MicroC® 2000

When a Washington wastewater treatment and reclamation plant using methanol year-round as a supplemental carbon source evaluated safer non-flammable and non-toxic alternatives to maintain adequate denitrification, they discovered more pounds of NOx were removed per gallon of MicroC®2000 used compared to using methanol — even with influent NOx loading measuring twice as high when treated with MicroC 2000.

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EOSi’s Nitrack® Carbon Source Automation Make Florida County WWTPs Low-Nitrogen Compliant

Two Florida county municipal wastewater processing facilities achieve an ultra-low nitrogen effluent limit of 3mg./L — even with high variability in NOx loading — and lower overall chemical costs using EOSi’s automated Nitrack® Program controller dosing MicroC® 2000 carbon sources.

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FL WWTP Meets Future Permit using EOSi’S Nitrack® Carbon Source Automation

A Florida municipal wastewater treatment facility becomes “future-ready” for meeting more stringent nitrogen permit requirements — and avoids a full plant upgrade — after implementing EOSi’s Nitrack® automated monitoring and dosing control feed system delivering MicroC® 2000 carbon sources.

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MicroC 2000® Supports Biomass During Startup, Shutdown and Variable Loadings

EOSi assists municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities to supplement and maintain biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) loadings to quickly achieve treatment effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

Florida Municipal Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

Florida WWTP Replaces Methanol with Safer Supplemental Carbon Source

A Florida WWTP avoids costly upgrades of aging methanol-based facilities and equipment and remains in compliance by switching to safer and non-flammable EOSi MicroC 2000® premium carbon sources for denitrification for biological nitrogen removal (BNR).


Beef Processing Facility Case Study

EOSi assists a meat-processing facility address multiple denitrification process challenges and meet compliance goals during commissioning of a BNR upgrade to their wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to comply with total maximum daily load (TMDL) limits.