EOSi’s Nitrack® Carbon Source Automation Make Florida County WWTPs Low-Nitrogen Compliant

Two Florida county municipal wastewater processing facilities achieve an ultra-low nitrogen effluent limit of 3mg./L — even with high variability in NOx loading — and lower overall chemical costs using EOSi’s automated Nitrack® Program controller dosing MicroC® 2000 carbon sources.

The Florida county operates three municipal wastewater treatment facilities, with its West WWTP facility processing an average flow of 2.4 MGD through a 5-stage Bardenpho process, and its Central WWTP processing an average flow of 2.3 MGD through Veolia’s proprietary Biodenipho™ biological wastewater treatment (essentially utilizing the principles of a standard 4-stage Bardenpho process for removing carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus). The county commissioned an evaluation of EOSi’s Nitrack® Program for delivering optimized dosing of EOSi MicroC® 2000 carbon sources. EOSi’s Nitrack Program controller analyzes fluctuations in loading and desired effluent limits and predicts the precise chemical dosing dynamically. The Nitrack controller can minimize the effect of influent disturbances on process effluent, while also considering any error by making dosing adjustments reactively. Would the EOSi solution enable the Central WWTP to consistently meet the future effluent TN target even with the high variability in NOx loading to the secondary anoxic further complicating the situation?