Nitrack® Program: Automation & Services

Automated solutions to cost-effectively enhance your biological nutrient removal process and meet permit requirements. Here's our proven three-phase approach.

Meet your permit limits consistently and effectively.

Wastewater treatment facility permit limit compliance

Achieve Compliance

Leveraging EOSi’s extensive contaminant-removal experience and expertise helps reassess compliance strategies and implement operational changes needed to remedy out-of-compliance situations.

Minimize risk with nitrack services

Minimize Operational Risk

Nitrack® Program remote monitoring ensures optimal feed rates, contaminant-removal safety, and overall program cost-effectiveness for critical process parameters and overall program performance.

Optimize nutrient removal costs

Optimize Removal Costs

Minimize chemical costs and overall cost of ownership while boosting the effectiveness of your contaminant-removal program. Monitor and collaborate with EOSi to continuously optimize automatic feed-rate control of MicroC® products.

Take better control of your biological nutrient removal processes.

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