FL WWTP Meets Future Permit using EOSi’S Nitrack® Carbon Source Automation

A Florida municipal wastewater treatment facility becomes “future-ready” for meeting more stringent nitrogen permit requirements — and avoids a full plant upgrade — after implementing EOSi’s Nitrack® automated monitoring and dosing control feed system delivering MicroC® 2000 carbon sources.

This Florida municipal water reclamation plant was meeting their current TN (total nitrogen) permit, but was struggling with meeting the AWT (Association of Water Technologies) requirements and reducing the average annual TN effluent. Seeking a solution that would solve both their present and future permit challenges, the facility determined carbon source addition would help achieve their TN effluent goals. EOSi provided a turnkey Nitrack® program system including automated MicroC® dosing. The treatment plant successfully improved their overall denitrification and met their future permit goals without resorting to a full plant upgrade.