Why Choose MicroC®?

Achieve your contaminant-removal goals for wastewater biological treatment systems and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) augmentation with MicroC® Premium Carbon Sources.

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Cost Effective

Measured dollar per pound of contaminant removed, MicroC products consistently deliver the most cost-effective carbon sources available in the industry.

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Consistent Quality

MicroC products undergo rigorous quality assurance and quality control programs and multiple inspections to assure product reliability, consistency, and superior performance.

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Industry Validated

MicroC products are in active use at more than 550 plants in North America, and approved by all leading equipment and process suppliers, consultants, and academic institutions.

And we’re eco-sustainable!

MicroC products enjoy a USDA BioPreferred designation — biodegradable and “green” by-products and co-products mostly derived from abundant and renewable resources produced in the USA and from other industries.

MicroC® 1000

Carbohydrate-based and nonhazardous MicroC® 1000 products are best suited for small municipal, package/decentralized and commercial/residential wastewater treatment facilities.

MicroC® 2000

Glycerin-based MicroC 2000 series products are the most cost-effective non-hazardous carbon sources on the market.

MicroC® 3000

Alcohol-based MicroC® 3000 series products are best suited for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants seeking to enhance performance and save money by avoiding using pure methanol.

MicroC® 4000

Custom formulations for sensitive and/or specialized applications, MicroC® 4000 series products are used in applications involving selenium removal, drinking water contaminant removal, perchlorate removal, and more.

Take better control of your biological nutrient removal processes.

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