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Service Capabilities

EOSi has developed very specialized capabilities that are used in conjunction to support our Objective-Based Programs to attain the Complete Solution our customers demand. Our capabilities include:   

MicroC® startup, support, storage and delivery 

EOSi helps potential MicroC® customers develop and implement a structured evaluation protocol to determine if MicroC® will benefit their treatment system both technically and financially. EOSi provides program management services to help treatment plants procure and set up temporary MicroC® storage and feed equipment, identify sampling and monitoring points, and install inline analyzers and real-time monitors as needed. EOSi provides technical support during the evaluation period, helps customers analyze and interpret data from the evaluation, and prepares a final report summarizing the results.  

When a customer decides to implement a long-term supplemental carbon program using MicroC®, EOSi will help select and install the permanent equipment needed for chemical storage and feeding, sampling and monitoring, and alarms and controls. EOSi provides ongoing support for operational questions, data interpretation and optimization.  EOSi has built an extensive manufacturing and logistics network that provides our customers with an uninterrupted supply of MicroC® while accommodating each plant’s operating schedule and site constraints.

Nitrack® Controller startup and support

EOSi provides program management services for implementing Nitrack® Control Programs. We perform an on-site evaluation to develop installation requirements, including selecting the best locations for the Controller and associated sensors, and developing scopes of work for electrical and instrumentation and controls (I&C) subcontractors. EOSi develops the optimum MicroC® control strategy and works with plant operators to set appropriate effluent and process alarm set points. We coordinate with our customers’ information technology staff to integrate the Nitrack® Controller with a SCADA system, if desired.  

When the Nitrack® Controller is up and running, EOSi monitors performance remotely each day, and responds to any alarm conditions by informing plant operating staff and recommending adjustments. We review data logs monthly and report on contaminant removal and MicroC® usage. Our technical staff performs site assessments annually to adjust the Nitrack® Control Program as needed.

MicroC-IM® inventory management

MicroC-IM® is a chemical inventory management program that helps customers avoid “out of product” situations. MicroC-IM® provides customized notifications, alarms for low chemical levels or abnormal usage, and tracking and reporting on MicroC® usage and operational parameters. Customers can choose their level of service for MicroC® deliveries, such as automatic refills or regularly scheduled deliveries. MicroC-IM® can be accessed from any computer or mobile phone, and sends notifications by e-mail or text messaging to operations staff. 

Bench-scale performance evaluation

EOSi often uses bench-scale studies to guide the design of full-scale MicroC® evaluations and programs. EOSi has laboratory facilities capable of mimicking full-scale operations of biological treatment systems to remove nitrogen, phosphorus, and other contaminants. Bench-scale evaluations are useful for:

  • Performing feasibility studies for contaminant removal
  • Selecting the appropriate MicroC® product or creating a custom blend if needed
  • Evaluating how well specific carbon sources will maintain the native microbial population at an industrial treatment plant during a shutdown period
  • Assessing the microbial activity of a specific sludge to understand its kinetics and capacity for carrying out biological treatment of various contaminant

Some of the typical tests that EOSi performs during bench-scale studies include: 

  • Specific denitrification (SDNR) test:  measures the denitrification capacity and kinetics of sludge under controlled operating conditions
  • Specific nitrification (SNR) test:  measures the nitrification capacity of sludge under controlled operating conditions
  • Phosphorus uptake rate (PUR) test:  measures the enhanced biological phosphorus removal capability of the sludge using different substrates for energy and different electron acceptors to evaluate the activity of phosphorus accumulating organisms (PAOs) and denitrifying PAOs (DPAOs)

Nutrient profiling

Knowing how concentrations of nutrients change throughout a process is critical for performing diagnostic analyses, determining the best chemical injection points, and optimizing operational parameters such as dissolved oxygen and recirculation rates. Measuring concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus throughout a process is referred to as nutrient profiling. EOSi conducts nutrient profiling for our customers using inline analyzers and probes and/or collecting samples at carefully selected points throughout the process. EOSi may measure parameters such as ammonia (NH3), nitrate (NO3-), nitrite (NO2-), orthophosphate (PO43-), soluble chemical oxygen demand (sCOD), and/or dissolved oxygen (DO), depending on the customer’s system and goals.

Sludge evaluation

EOSi has the laboratory capabilities to help our customers prevent, diagnose, and fix problems with the activated sludge in biological treatment systems. Common problems include sludge bulking, foaming, poor floc formation, or toxicity. EOSi performs a variety of sludge evaluation tests, including:

  • Microscopy
  • Staining (Gram and Neisser)
  • Oxygen uptake rate (OUR)
  • Respirometry

Based on the results of these tests, EOSi will work with our customer to resolve the problem by making operational changes or by adding carbon sources or nutrients.

Monitoring and data management

EOSi has an extensive inventory of in-line analyzers, controllers and associated sensors to assist clients and improve process monitoring on a temporary or permanent basis. Our program managers review the tracking of real-time data at critical points of the process and the monthly operating records of the plant to provide timely process control and troubleshooting guidance via monthly reports with our observations and recommendations. Our “second set of eyes” reduces customers’ operational risk by monitoring critical parameters and providing on-going technical support. EOSi typically monitors nutrient concentrations, selected process data and chemical usage. EOSi can also monitor operational data such as discharge monitoring reports, monthly operating reports, lab data, and trends from SCADA systems.

Process data analysis

When a treatment plant is experiencing problems or if a customer would like a second opinion about an operational question, EOSi’s technical staff can review the pertinent process data and provide our observations and recommendations. EOSi will share our experience and knowledge from our work at over 550 treatment plants across the country.  

Modeling and simulation

EOSi has developed sophisticated modeling and simulation capabilities to help optimize treatment plant performance. EOSi has used simulation results to recommend operational changes to reduce energy and chemical usage while maintaining compliance with effluent discharge standards. EOSi simulates the steady-state and dynamic performance of treatment plants using a combination of commercial simulators such as BioWin and GPS-X and our own proprietary Micro-C Model. Based on the simulation outcomes, EOSi can assist plant staff in making operational changes such as fine-tuning the internal recycle rate, changing the solids retention time by modifying waste activated sludge removal, or adjusting the MicroC® feed.

Equipment audits and selection

EOSi has over 10 years of experience at more than 550 treatment plants in selecting, testing, calibrating, maintaining, and siting the specialized equipment used in biological systems. If a customer needs to purchase new equipment, EOSi can help with the selection, sizing, procurement and installation. If a customer suspects that existing equipment is not performing as it should, EOSi can perform an audit to determine if the equipment needs to be replaced, relocated, calibrated or otherwise modified. EOSi has broad experience with equipment such as chemical storage tanks, feed pumps, inline analyzers, and automated controllers, and with all major equipment manufacturers including Hach, Endress+Hauser, and YSI.