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Nitrack® Control Program
Patent No. 10,207,941

EOSi's Nitrack® Program is the pinnacle of our Process Solutions & Programs. The Nitrack® Program combines EOSi’s wastewater processes expertise and real-time process monitoring with automated controls to dynamically optimize biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes.

Nitrack process control unit with human machine interface showing plant wastewater treatment process

With EOSi’s ongoing oversight, customers minimize chemical costs while consistently achieving compliance. The Nitrack® Program gives EOSi’s technical staff remote, real-time visibility into key BNR process parameters, and enables customers to automatically control the feed rate of MicroC® products. The result is an “adaptive denitrification program” customized for each plant’s processes and treatment objectives. With the assistance of EOSi’s technical staff, the program monitors process data and optimizes set-points and control parameters based on the dynamic circumstances at a plant. EOSi is continuing to enhance the capability of this program and more functionality will be available.

See our Nitrack® Brochure to learn more about this program.