EOSi announces new MicroC® Carbon Source production facility in Kansas

Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc (EOSi) announces a new MicroC® Premium Carbon Source production facility located near Kansas City, Kansas.

POCASSET, MA USA (April 26, 2023): Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc (EOSi), industry leader providing MicroC® Premium Carbon Sources and technical services for biological nutrient removal applications in wastewater treatment systems, has commissioned a new production facility located near Kansas City, Kansas.

The new Kansas production facility broadens the manufacturing and distribution reach of EOSi’s network of more than twenty MicroC® 2000 manufacturing facilities serving more than 550 wastewater treatment facilities across the United States. The new facility strengthens EOSi’s supply-chain management, multi-sourcing strategies, closed-loop manufacturing, and multilayer quality control of raw materials from procurement through finished product, helping insulate customers from fluctuating market-price volatility, and assuring the best-value product available on the market today.

“Our new Kansas production facility is strategically located to deliver lower costs and enhance product delivery,” said Rob Keeling, EOSi’s Vice President of Operations. “This is vital to our customers since they rely on an uninterrupted supply of consistent-quality products to optimize nutrient and contaminant removal from wastewater, minimize operational risk, and maintain their permit compliance.”

“It’s about always delivering the right product, right on time — because we supply and serve wastewater treatment plants operating continuously to protect the public and preserve our environment,” said EOSi president Samuel Ledwell. “EOSi’s nationwide manufacturing and logistics network achieved 100% delivery performance to customers in 2021, despite the raw material challenges and unprecedented global supply chain crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic. And we are adding yet another new EOSi production facility within the next few months to ensure on-time deliveries to an industry that runs non-stop.”

Media contact: Tamerra Jones Hering, tamerra.jones.hering@microc.com



MicroC® 2000 is the world’s leading non-hazardous supplemental carbon source, a proprietary glycerin-based product manufactured to strict specifications ensuring consistency and quality. MicroC® 2000 series products are widely used in denitrification, enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR), and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) addition applications. MicroC® 2000 supports both denitrification and biological phosphorus removal with superior kinetics, has a very high COD value (1,100,000 mg COD/L), and is the lowest cost, non-hazardous product on a $/lb. COD basis available in the market. 

ABOUT EOSi (Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc.)

Based in Pocasset, Massachusetts, EOSi provides proprietary nonhazardous and environmentally sustainable liquid organic chemicals (MicroC®) and technical services for biological nutrient removal applications in wastewater systems. EOSi offers strong product quality, technical support, and service levels to plant operators at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities of all sizes. microc.com

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