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Resources and Information

These collection of resources include data sheets, white papers, case studies, and other information about our products and solutions.

City Of Wilson WRF – Achievements In Total Nitrogen And Phosphorus Reduction Below ENR Levels

The City of Wilson Water Reclamation Facility is a 14 MGD facility discharging to Contentnea Creek, one of the largest sub basins in the Neuse River Basin.

Implementing a Sustainable Denitrification Program with a Non-Flammable External Carbon Source

This article discusses the efficient implementation of an external carbon source as the key to develop a long-term sustainable denitrification program with the lowest operational cost.

Northeastern WWTP Nitrack Case Study

A northeastern Water Pollution Abatement Disctrict uses Nitrack® Program and MicroC® 2000A to outperform its design basis and meet new nitrogen permit limits without needing capital improvements.

Optimization of Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Facilities to Achieve Consistent and Compliant Effluent Quality

In addition to controlling eutrophication in receiving water body and environmental benefits, biological nutrient removal (BNR) facilities have demonstrated economical and operational benefits.

Process Optimization to Achieve Complete Denitrification and Control Foaming: How a Process with Ammonia Influent of 300 mg N/L Can Be Nitrogen Deficient

Plant configuration, carbon program, process challenges, compliance plan, process simulation ad BNR performance.

Successful biological nutrient removal often requires a supplementary carbon source

Article By Sara Arabi and Mehran Andalib which appeared in Environmental Science & Engineering magazine.

WWTP Replaces Methanol with Safer Supplemental Carbon Source

EOSi Supports Successful Transition to MicroC® While Maintaining Regulatory Compliance