Mid-Atlantic Water Reclamation Plant Demonstrates Non-VFA Pathway EBPR Using MicroC® 2000

Using EOSi’s MicroC® 2000 carbon sources as a glycerol-based electron-donor for accomplishing enhanced biological phosphorus removal in plant processes enables a mid-Atlantic water reclamation plant to lower chemical costs and improve nutrient removal performance.

The application of MicroC® 2000 as an electron donor for enhanced biological removal was evaluated in this full-scale plant, resulting in an average biological phosphorus removal of ~2 mg P/L while maintaining the effluent TP at an average concentration of 0.27 mg P/L.

  • Using MicroC® and promoting EBPR process reduced FeCl3 usage by 70%, methanol by 35%, and citric acid by 50%.
  • The total annual saving on chemical usage for this plant was $110,000.