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Company Overview

Meet your contaminant removal objectives safely, reliably and cost-effectively with non-hazardous, environmentally sustainable solutions from EOSi.


Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc. (EOSi) has been providing green chemicals and technical services for biological contaminant removal applications in water and wastewater treatment systems since 2003. Our agriculturally-derived MicroC® line of products (MicroC® 1000 - MicroC® 4000) address contaminants including nitrogen, phosphorus, selenium and perchlorate—providing a non-hazardous and environmentally sustainable alternative to chemicals such as methanol. MicroC® products are also used as BOD supplements to sustain biomass during plant maintenance and to establish biomass for new plant startups. EOSi currently provides more than 550 wastewater treatment plants with a safer, more effective and environmentally sustainable solution as compared to methanol and other carbon sources. In addition, EOSi offers highly specialized technical expertise and support to help plant engineers and operators optimize the use of our products and achieve their effluent performance objectives. EOSi is engaged in research and development efforts focused on developing the next generation of high performance, cost-effective contaminant removal 

Why EOSi?

Pollutants are threatening the world's waterways.

NUTRIENTS — Water bodies throughout the world suffer from excess Nitrogen and Phosphorus (N and P). Excess N and P lead to deteriorating water quality, including habitat damage, algal blooms, fish kills and the contamination of drinking water.

METALS — Increasingly, metals generated in mining and fossil fuel combustion activities are entering our waterways. These heavy metals can be toxic to fish, birds and other wildlife.

PERCHLORATE — Perchlorate released to soils and groundwater from the improper disposal of explosives and rocket/missile propellants is now present in many potable water supply wells in the western United States. Perchlorate can have harmful effects on thyroid function if ingested, especially among women and infants.

Regulators are increasingly requiring wastewater treatment facilities to address the issue.

Regulatory authorities continue to implement increasingly stringent discharge permits for these contaminants in order to protect and preserve our waters. As regulations on pollution tighten, treatment facilities face costly upgrades to maintain compliance.

EOSi provides alternatives.

EOSi offers proprietary eco-friendly supplemental carbon sources and technical services to water and wastewater treatment facilities to help them achieve their contaminant removal goals. These liquid chemicals are generally used on a recurring basis and serve as an energy source, enabling bacteria to remove contaminants. EOSi solutions combine high-quality products with technical expertise to help you continually meet strict discharge requirements.