KKR and XPV Water Partners Form New Platform to Promote Water Quality


We provide customers with results, not just products.

We have built a team of experts in biological wastewater processes to complement our advanced technology. We are a solutions-oriented company seeking to build long-term partnerships with our customers. We are dedicated to providing the best technical and most cost-effective approach for their biological contaminant removal programs in various industries and applications.

Customized Solutions:

Regulatory Compliance

EOSi’s expertise helps customers achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. As regulations, permit requirements, and plant processes change, EOSi proactively helps revamp compliance strategies and implement operational changes as needed to minimize out of compliance situations.

Cost Reduction

EOSi helps customers monitor program performance based on the cost per pound of contaminant removed. We endeavor to maximize the performance of the existing process by leveraging our process expertise and technology such as automation and enhanced process monitoring for continuous optimization.

Minimize Operational Risk

We provide a level of service that allows EOSi technical staff to remotely monitor critical process parameters and overall program performance. This "second set of eyes" helps reduce our customer’s operational risks.

Our Solutions and Programs Include:

Sensors & Instrumentation Audit (S&IA)

Plant performance depends on collecting the right data from the right location at the right time. EOSi can help assess what really needs to be measured and how.

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Diagnostic Process Analysis (DPA)

EOSi provides a variety of diagnostic services to assess performance of the overall plant or of specific treatment processes.

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MicroC® Evaluation & Application Support (ME&AS)

EOSi helps potential new customers evaluate whether MicroC® could improve compliance and/or reduce costs through a comprehensive review and assessment of of data, processes and field tests.

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Performance Monitoring & Data Management (PM&DM)

EOSi can track real-time data to help reduce our customers’ operational risk by monitoring critical parameters and providing on-going technical support.

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Nitrack® Control Program

EOSi’s Nitrack® Control Program provides customers with a fully automated solution for optimizing usage while consistently achieving their effluent targets.

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Process Troubleshooting (PT)

EOSi can assist customers who are out of compliance and/or experiencing unusually high operational costs due to a process upset.

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Process Optimization (PO)

EOSi can help customers optimize MicroC® usage, specific processes, or the overall contaminant removal program.

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Service Capabilities

EOSi has developed very specialized capabilities that are used in conjunction with our Objective-Based Programs to attain the Complete Solution our customers demand.

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