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MicroC® 3000 Series

The MicroC® 3000 series is a proprietary, alcohol-based product series. These products are best suited for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants that want to enhance performance and save money by switching from pure methanol. MicroC® 3000 is the lowest-cost alternative on a $/lb of contaminants removed basis, and is often less expensive than methanol. The inclusion of non-methanol organics in MicroC® 3000 enhances denitrification kinetics and has been shown to stimulate enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR).

MicroC® 3000 can be applied as a direct substitute to methanol in municipal and industrial wastewater facilities seeking to reduce cost and improve the performance and environmental sustainability of their operations. 

Cost Effectiveness

  • Best value among flammable products
  • Pricing below methanol on a $/lb N removed basis for most locations
  • Flexible pricing options available; spot or long term (fixed or indexed)

Performance Advantages

  • Enhanced kinetics due to ethanol and propanol content
  • Lower risk of denitrifier washout
  • Faster startup and recovery
  • Higher denitrification rates

Environmentally Sustainable

  • Green methanol; derived using agricultural feedstock versus natural gas
  • Lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprint
  • Produced in the United States (most methanol is imported)
Validated Performance
  • Full scale case studies available
  • References available
Technical Services
  • Application guidance from team of BNR/contaminant removal experts
  • Dedicated support to ensure achievement of contaminant removal goals

Supply Chain Experience

  • 20 nationwide MicroC® manufacturing facilities
  • Over 175 million pounds of MicroC® products produced and delivered
  • Over 20,000 drums and totes packaged and delivered
  • Over 10,000 customer deliveries completed


  • Bulk (up to 6,800 gallons)
  • Packaged product currently not available

MicroC 3000

MicroC 3000 is a mixture of short chain alcohols that results in equivalent feed rates to pure methanol. The ethanol and propanols in the mixture support higher denitrification rates and maintains a broader microbial community in the treatment process compared with pure methanol. Like methanol, the product is flammable, but is less expensive on a $/lb of nitrogen removed basis. The product is used by medium to large municipal facilities and it is available in bulk quantities only.