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MicroC® 1000 Series

The MicroC® 1000 series is a proprietary carbohydrate-based and non-hazardous product. MicroC® 1000 series products are best suited for small municipal, package/decentralized and commercial/residential wastewater treatment facilities that require a safe, clean and consistent carbon source for nitrate removal and/or BOD supplementation. 


  • Eliminates flammability and toxicity concerns of traditional chemicals such as methanol
  • Provides capital cost savings vs. installation of flammable liquid storage and feed system
  • Non-hazardous product enables rapid and flexible deployment of carbon augmentation solutions 

Performance Advantages

  • Rapid start-up/acclimation
  • Superior cold weather performance

Environmentally Sustainable

  • Derived from abundant, renewable resources produced in the United States vs. largely imported fossil-fuel derived carbon sources (methanol)
  • USDA BioPreferred designation

Consistent and Superior Quality

  • Rigorous end to end quality control program
  • Consistent Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) values
  • No product degradation during long-term storage
Validated Performance
  • MicroC® products in use at over 550 plants in North America
  • Performance validated by leading equipment/process suppliers, consulting engineers and academic institutions
  • Full scale, documented performance validation for:
    • Nitrate removal
    • Enhanced Biological PhosphorusRemoval (EBPR)
    • Metals removal
    • BOD augmentation
    • Perchlorate removal
    • Fixed film biological processes (i.e., denitrification filters)
    • Startup/acclimation dynamics
    • Cold weather performance
  • Denitrification rates and kinetic parameters determined by Northeastern University
Technical Services
  • Application guidance from team of BNR/contaminant removal experts
  • Dedicated support to ensure achievement of contaminant removal goals

Supply Chain Experience

  • 20 nationwide MicroC® manufacturing facilities
  • Over 175 million pounds of MicroC® products produced and delivered
  • Over 20,000 drums and totes packaged and delivered
  • Over 10,000 customer deliveries completed

Multiple Packaging Options

  • Bulk (1000-4500 gallon)*
  • 265-gallon IBC/tote
  • 55-gallon drum
  • 30-gallon drum
  • 5-gallon pail

MicroC 1000

Introduced in 2005, MicroC 1000 is a non-hazardous carbohydrate based carbon source best suited for small municipal and decentralized facilities that are seeking a safe, consistent and environmentally friendly carbon source for denitrification and BOD addition.

MicroC 1100

EOSi's original MicroC product introduced in 2003, MicroC 1100 is a carbohydrate and methanol mixture that provides the benefit of lower hazard ratings, low freezing point and enhanced denitrification kinetics. This product is used primarily by decentralized facilities in colder climates that want to avoid the hazards of methanol.