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Resources and Information

These collection of resources include data sheets, white papers, case studies, and other information about our products and solutions.

EOSi Company Brochure

Meet your contaminant removal objectives safely, reliably and cost effectively with non-hazardous, environmentally sustainable solutions from EOSi.

EOSi Process Solutions and Programs

We believe customers want results, not just products. EOSi can help you develop and implement your overall regulatory compliance strategy while minimizing associated costs. We have developed a variety of service programs to help you achieve specific goals.

Midwest Municipality MicroC 2000 Case Study

A small Midwest municipality uses MicroC® 2000 for biomass growth, to enhance denitrification (for alkalinity recovery), and to meet the pH and ammonia discharge requirements.

Northeastern WWTP Nitrack Case Study

A northeastern Water Pollution Abatement Disctrict uses Nitrack® Program and MicroC® 2000A to outperform its design basis and meet new nitrogen permit limits without needing capital improvements.

Texas Beef Processor Nitrack Program Case Study

We helped a large beef processing plant develop and implement an operational solution that enabled its existing wastewater treatment facility to meet new, lower regulatory limits on nitrogen. Using our MicroC® supplemental carbon sources and the Nitrack® Program, the plant achieved compliance and avoided a costly upgrade.

WWTP Replaces Methanol with Safer Supplemental Carbon Source

EOSi Supports Successful Transition to MicroC® While Maintaining Regulatory Compliance