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Resources and Information

These collection of resources include data sheets, white papers, case studies, and other information about our products and solutions.

Pennsylvania Coal-Fired Power Generation Station Case Study

EOSi Provides MicroC® 4100 to Consistently Remove Selenium and Nitrate from FGD Wastewater

Poisoned Waters Video

PBS Frontline documentary examining threats facing the nation’s iconic waterways like the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound

Poultry Processing and Rendering Plant

EOSi’s Nitrack® Control Program Achieves Consistent Effluent Quality in a Process with Highly Variable Wastewater Flows and Loadings

Quality Control and Assurance

Consistently producing high quality products enables our customers to achieve their contaminant removal goals. We are committed to excellence in quality across our 20 nationwide manufacturing facilities.

Supply Chain Management

Our customers rely on an uninterrupted supply of consistent-quality products to maintain permit compliance. Our nationwide system is built exclusively to provide a consistent supply of high-quality carbon sources for biological contaminant removal at wastewater treatment facilities.

Virginia Wastewater Treatment Facility Case Study

EOSi uses MicroC® 2000 for EBPR at a facility in Virginia

WaterWorld Article: Nitrogen Credit Trading Created Opportunities for WWTPs

MicroC® 2000 and Hach Nitratax Analyzers help Stratford, CT WPCF reduce nitrogen effluent.

BOD Supplementation Brochure

The effectiveness of biological wastewater treatment depends on having a healthy, sufficient biomass. Supplementing the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of the influent wastewater with a carbon source such as MicroC® Premium Carbon Sources can help establish or sustain the biomass during periods of low BOD loading. BOD Supplementation can also be referred to as BOD Augmentation or BOD Addition.

City Of Wilson WRF – Achievements In Total Nitrogen And Phosphorus Reduction Below ENR Levels

The City of Wilson Water Reclamation Facility is a 14 MGD facility discharging to Contentnea Creek, one of the largest sub basins in the Neuse River Basin.

Implementing a Sustainable Denitrification Program with a Non-Flammable External Carbon Source

This article discusses the efficient implementation of an external carbon source as the key to develop a long-term sustainable denitrification program with the lowest operational cost.