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Resources and Information

These collection of resources include data sheets, white papers, case studies, and other information about our products and solutions.

MicroC® 4225 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

MicroC® 4275 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

MicroC® 4400 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

MicroC® 4425 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

MicroC® 4475 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Mid-Atlantic Water Reclamation Plant

Lowering plant chemical costs and improving nutrient removal performance through non-VFA pathway EBPR

Midwestern Water Reclamation Plant Case Study

EOSi Supports Facility’s Full Scale EBPR Evaluation using MicroC® 2000

Nitrack® Control Program

The Nitrack® Control Program allows EOSi technical staff to have remote, real-time visibility into key biological nutrient removal (BNR) process parameters, and provides our clients with the ability to automatically control the feed rate of MicroC®TM products.

North Carolina Water Reclamation Facility Case Study

EOSi Optimization Services for a North Carolina Facility result in MicroC® 2000 usage reduction, while achieving optimum nitrogen removal performance.

Optimizing Deep-Bed Denitrification with Alternative Carbon Sources

NC Currents Article: Optimizing Deep-Bed Denitrification with Alternative Carbon Sources.