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Frequently Asked Questions

Information and answered to the most common questions that we get about EOSi, MicroC® and our services.

Yes, our MicroC® 4000 is NSF approved for drinking water applications. More information is available at Products.

Some of our products naturally contain trace amounts of N&P. Some products are custom formulated to contain micro and macronutrients. For more specific information, please contact us.

Dilution water and carrier water are not recommended as it compromises the biological stability of the product. If dilutions are necessary, we recommend that fresh solutions are made every 48 hours.

EOSi has a broad offering of services and extensive resources to provide technical support for your project. For a description of services, please refer to our Solutions page and for additional information, please contact us.

Please visit our resources page and filter the content type for "Safety Data Sheets (SDS)" and you will find the most up to date version of our SDS.

         If your MicroC® product's SDS is not listed, please email us here and indicate which product you're looking for.

Contact us and a representative will follow up with you. 

EOSi offers four lines of MicroC® Premium Carbon Sources to meet the needs of customers large and small in a variety of markets and for a variety of applications. We have carbohydrate, glycerin, alcohol based as well as custom formulations for very specific applications. Please visit our Products page to learn more.

MicroC®g is our carbohydrate based carbon source which is now called MicroC® 1000. MicroC® 2000 is a glycerin based carbon source which used to be called MicroCglycerin®.  We recently completed a nomenclature change. You can also find additional information on our Products page.

We can provide you with a material compatibility chart. Please submit your request via our contact page. 

Most MicroC® products have a recommended shelf life of one year. If your product is older than one year, please contact EOSi and we can help you determine if it is still suitable for use.

MicroC® products are manufactured at 20 manufacturing facilities in the US. MicroC® products are available in bulk load (4,500 gallon), tote bin (265 gallon), or drum (55 gallons) quantities. For more information on our products, please refer to Products page.