KKR and XPV Water Partners Form New Platform to Promote Water Quality


We serve a diverse range of clients and markets.

Public municipalities, private industries, and everything in between. We've helped over 550 organizations meet their wastewater treatment goals, reduce costs, and miminize compliance risk.

We Help Clients Of All Sizes:

Broad Experience

Over the years we have developed extensive experience in learning the regulatory and operational challenges associated with each industry we serve. This gives us the ability to design programs that are best suited to create value to our diversified customer base. 

Channels to Market

We have the ability to serve markets directly and through third party channels. The strategic alliances we have formed are with partners that have the capability to better service certain market segments resulting in delivering more value to our customer base.


We have established the standard for technical services, product quality and innovation in all the markets we serve.

Our Areas Of Expertise Include:


EOSi assists municipal wastewater treatment plants, decentralized/package and commercial/residential facilities with developing compliance strategies to meet increasingly stringent requirements for reducing discharges of nutrients.

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EOSi assists meat and poultry processors, coal-fired power generators, petroleum refineries, mining sites, landfills and other industrial clients to cost effectively meet their contaminant removal and compliance objectives.

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Groundwater Remediation

EOSi’s MicroC® products can be used to support biological treatment of groundwater contaminated with nitrogen, perchlorate, and selenium.

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Drinking Water

Biological treatment to remove contaminants from drinking water is an emerging technology in the United States. EOSi has demonstrated the effectiveness of biological treatment using MicroC® to remove nitrate and perchlorate from drinking water.

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