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Is COVID-19 putting you at risk of not meeting your wastewater permit limits?

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Biochemical oxygen demand supplementation for industrial wastewater treatment plants

We provide rapid response supplemental carbon solutions for wastewater treatment issues.

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What Is BOD Supplementation?

BOD Supplementation is the practice of adding readily biodegradable carbon sources to wastewater as needed to establish or sustain a healthy, adequate biomass in the treatment system. The extra carbon and energy promote bacterial growth and reproduction.

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Why consider BOD Supplementation?

BOD Supplementation helps biological treatment systems avoid potential problems due to low influent loadings; loss of active biomass, foaming, and proliferation of filamentous organisms.

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Why Choose MicroC®?

Proven effective at over 550 wastewater treatment facilities, MicroC® 2000 is the world’s leading non-hazardous supplemental carbon source. MicroC® 2000 is a proprietary glycerin based product manufactured to strict specifications ensuring consistency and quality. It’s safe to handle, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, cost-effective, and is ready to ship from any of our 20 manufacturing locations throughout the US.

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