KKR and XPV Water Partners Form New Platform to Promote Water Quality


Supply Chain Management

Our customers rely on an uninterrupted supply of consistent-quality products to maintain permit compliance. Our nationwide system is built exclusively to provide a consistent supply of high-quality carbon sources for biological contaminant removal at wastewater treatment facilities.

15 years of MicroC® manufacturing and distributing
180 million pounds of MicroC® products delivered
550 customers throughout north america
10000 customer deliveries completed
20000 drums and totes packaged and delivered

Manufacturing and Logistics Network

EOSi has a robust distribution network including:

  • 20 existing MicroC® manufacturing facilities with additional facilities under development
  • Serving customers in 40 states, 5 Canadian provinces and several other countries
  • 3.5 million gallons of dedicated bulk storage capacity across the United States
  • Dedicated railcar fleet for efficient inbound raw materials transportation
  • Extensive multi-industry raw material supplier relationships

Eliminate Risk of Supply or Quality Interruption

Our vast storage infrastructure protects against potential supply interruptions and reduces price volatility particularly during turbulence in the agricultural raw materials markets. Our network of 20 nationwide manufacturing facilities coupled with our extensive experience in successfully producing, packaging and delivering carbon sources ensures immediate and consistent delivery of all MicroC® products.