KKR and XPV Water Partners Form New Platform to Promote Water Quality


Quality Control and Assurance

Consistently producing high quality products enables our customers to achieve their contaminant removal goals. We are committed to excellence in quality across our 20 nationwide manufacturing facilities.

Key elements of the QA/QC program include: 

  • Rigorous raw material supplier pre-qualification and management program
  • Stringent QA/QC program for raw materials approval prior to MicroC® manufacturing
  • MicroC® finished product is analyzed for conformance with specifications prior to release for customer shipment
  • Finished product samples retained for at least six months
  • 600 raw material samples from over 20 suppliers and 650 finished product samples from our 20 manufacturing facilities were analyzed in the last 12 months

Additional laboratory capabilities include:

  • NUR (Nitrate Utilization Rate)
  • PUR (Phosphorus Uptake Rate)
  • Respirometry
  • GC/FID for alcohols and VFA quantification
  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Solids Analysis TSS/VSS
  • Wet Chemistry Analysis (NH3, NO3, NO2, TN, TP, PO4-P, Alkalinity DO)